House Interior: The Master Suite

Work In Progress / 14 August 2020

Hello All,

This is my first blog post ever.  During this pandemic, I have spent a lot of time at home and started to do some small projects around the house:  painting accent walls, fixing cracks in the drywall,  and making repairs to the fence.  My next project is going to be to paint the master suite and eventually I'd like to try replacing the carpet with tile or wood.  This gave me the idea that I should recreate these rooms in 3D so that I could visualize what my future projects might look like.  

Night 1

To get started, I purchased a metric tape measure and took measurements of the rooms.  I've always worked off the grid in Maya and used a character as reference for scale.  Taking accurate measurements took a bit of time;  but, it paid off when I started to block in the rooms that you see below.  There was no guesswork and the blocking phase was super fast.  Moving forward, I plan to spend each night I work on this to complete the geometry on one type of asset.

Night 2

After blocking in all the rooms, I made the trim pieces that will fit around the windows, the doors, and along the floor.  I also got started on the door but did not finish it yet.

Night 3

Tonight, I decided to model the outlets, light switches and the cabinets.

Night 4

Coming soon...