At Tricky Software, I was originally hired as a modeler; but, because of my eagerness to learn and branch out into other disciplines, I soon found myself rigging characters, working on level designs for Spore Creatures and scripting levels in Scarface - Last Stand. My tenure at Tricky Software has molded me into a developer with a variety of skills that cover multiple disciplines: design, art and rigging. As a designer at Tricky Software, I have been responsible for creating both original game designs and adapting existing ones to work on Apple iOS devices. I am also responsible for creating detailed wireframes that outline the interfaces for our applications and creating flow charts that are used as a guide for the engineering team. This past year, I was given the responsibility of designing our first hidden object game: Emma and the Inventor. For this title, I wrote the story, designed the levels and the puzzles found within them.

  • Experience designing mobile games and applications for the iPhone and iPad
  • Extensive experience creating both wireframe mockups of application interfaces and flow charts
  • Skillset that covers multiple disciplines: game design, level design, storytelling, modeling, lighting and rigging
  • Experience working with custom tools and scripting
  • Lifelong and passionate gamer

At Electronic Arts / Visceral Games, I was hired as an environment artist to work on The Godfather 2. My efforts contributed to the creation of three cities each with their own unique architectural styles: New York, Miami and Havana. Because I joined the team late in production, I had to hit the ground running. I quickly got up to speed on the technical requirements of the art and learned how to use EA's custom art and world building tools. When new artists joined the team, I was tasked with their training and soon became a ‘go to’ guy when they needed assistance with the tools or critique of art. New York was one of the last cities to be built in the game, and I proudly took the reins and built a majority of the buildings at this locale. When production ended, I was moved to the Dante's Inferno team where I used my skills as a material artist to flush out the Hall of Kings level.

  • Modeled hi-res buildings and architectural assets. Created LODs and UVs for material artists
  • Created materials using proprietary tools and textured demo areas in Dante's Inferno
  • Worked with and helped review outsourced assets
  • Assisted in training new employees

Six weeks after graduation, I found myself working at Visual Concepts as an environment artist. My work here consisted mostly of modeling and texturing rooms and props for Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Art that I created was used to demonstrate to the outsourcing company the quality and style that we were seeking for our game. When the outsourced art was completed, I was also responsible for ‘processing’ and cleaning it up.

  • Modeled and textured rooms and props
  • Created example rooms to demonstrate the quality and artistic style to be followed by the outsourcing company
  • Cleaned up and optimized outsourced assets
  • ‘Processed’ outsourced art by applying our custom shaders to the assets